I am constantly amazed with the resilience of the body, mind and heart. I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, allowing a person to heal on all levels. The practice of yoga can help us to remember that we are whole and complete just as we are. I teach mindfulness by slowing down, and linking breath with movement to encourage present moment awareness in both body and mind.

Why I Practice Yoga
To get out of my head and into my body
To alleviate stress
To heal from emotional and physical trauma
To recognize and remember that I am enough

Why I Teach Yoga
To share a practice that has helped me to heal, relieve stress and stay present
To support students in realizing and remembering they are enough
To celebrate the strength and resilience of the human body and spirit

Who I Have Studied With
Ted Grand & Jess Robertson- Moksha
Natalie Rousseau- Vinyasa
Carly Forest & Joe Barnett- Yin Yoga & Meditation
Frank Jude Boccio- Mindfulness Meditation

What You Can Expect From My Classes
Connect to yourself through breath and increasing body awareness
Listen to your body's inner wisdom and take practice at your pace
Practice of metta or loving kindness

My Focus As a Teacher
Metta- Loving Kindness: If we are able to come from a place of love
for ourselves, it is more likely that we approach others from a similar place
Alignment based yoga that nourishes the body and mind by slowing
down and becoming more aware

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