The Roots

Mon 10-11:15am
Tues 6:30-7:30am
Wed 10-11:15am & 5-6pm


A foundational, consistent and grounding yoga sequence. Expect a “Hatha” style class that is challenging yet accessible. This series of postures is designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility and agility. Students will have the opportunity to explore how breath enhances and integrates the practice, and experience a well-rounded mind, body, soul experience.

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Tues 10-11:15am


A mindful, steady class where the poses flow together in an introduction to “Vinyasa” style class. This is a full body/spectrum, challenging, yet accessible class that encourages cardiovascular stamina, links postures, and builds upper body and core strength.

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Thurs 9-10am


A practice that encourages each person to listen to their body and the sensations that they feel. This approach uses language of invitation and inquiry to explore shapes. Focus is on breath and paying attention to what feels good/ safe and what does not. Emphasizes the fact that there is choice in movement. No adjustments occur to ensure that a person is in charge of their experience.

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Customized private classes and packages available. Contact me to discuss how to tailor a yoga practice to your needs. Bring your questions, and be ready to move.