Making my way through the distance education part of the 500 hour Moksha/Modo program was greatly enhanced by Kim Marsh as my Peer Support Guide. She was very accommodating when I needed further support and she empowered me to reach deeper into myself when completing my assignments. By asking me to consider the impact of the assignments, I grew more connected to my work and wanted to get the most out of my learning. By sharing her own experience, frustrations and journey through learning how to be a yoga teacher, I related to her and trusted that she would understand my personal struggles. The whole distance portion of the Moksha/Modo program helped me to begin living as a yoga teacher within my community. Kim encouraged me to continue this transition by asking me to reflect on the impact the projects were having. 

I now feel honoured to be part of the Moksha/Modo Sangha! Deep Gratitude for my mentor, Kim Marsh — Kelly M.


Kim Marsh supported me during my first year of teaching yoga after taking a 300 hour teacher training. Having her support after training helped me clarify my values and refine my teaching skills. Kim's opened minded, open hearted personality gave me the opportunity to be authentic in our communication with each other. As an experienced teacher, Kim was able to guide me towards important aspects of teaching cues, teacher etiquette and self care. Kim's compassion and positivity have helped inspire me to be a compassionate and positive yoga teacher! — Tanis R.


I’d like to share that Kim was my Peer Support Guide coming out of my Moksha/Modo Level 1 training.
And that she was very supportive in ways and means that satisfied different needs of my own, that flickered with changes in my life. What I mean by that is that she was always very there, when I was ready, and always just away enough, when I needed space. She created a space in which I never felt awkward or less than, if I were say ‘behind’ and on several occasions Kim needed to delicately have me re-do projects. Her manner was gentle and kind and therefore I’d be motivated to continue rather than maybe throwing in the towel.
Kim is also a fan of self care which was inspiring for me as a burgeoning teacher - as I tend to kind of let that one go. She was also non imposingly prepared to support & guide as much as I needed, or requested, without that ever being weight to carry. Because my teaching veers towards being too vague, her leanings toward precision were useful constructs for me, reminding me to say more of what I mean while teaching, less of what I am dreamily thinking, if that makes sense!
I admire Kim’s work & personal ethics, her lifestyle choices, and I love her beautiful soul.— Wendy D.